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Company Values


Our main company value is providing value itself. Our precise paint jobs add monetary value to Canmore's homes and businesses.


Trained by masters, over a decade of experience, attention to detail, and pride in our work ensure the best results.


We can help you find the newest colour trends or the timeless classic looks.


Our estimates are always fair and always free.

Words to live by

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

To add value to Canmore properties we always start with the five p’s.

Increase the value of your property

Contact us and give your Canmore property value a boost.

Freshen up your Canmore home

Contact us now for a freshly painted home as beatiful as Canmore’s views.

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Contact us now to for a paint job that will add value to your life. Estimates are always free.

Fun and freedom

We put emphasis on having

a creative work environment

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